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By ANCOP USA Communications

The 3rd CFC ANCOP USA Global Walk is set on August 24, 2013. This was announced by Eric Villanueva, CFCUSA National Director and ANCOPUSA President, during a recent teleconference of regional coordinators.

(In the Philippines and in other countries where Couples for Christ exist, the Walk will be held on August 25).

“Let us work harder to have more walkers this year so that we can continue sending poor children to school and building houses for poor families,” exhorted Villanueva.

This year’s Walk will be held in 14 States and 33 cities around the US. This was learned from Roger Santos, CFCUSA National Councilmember and ANCOPUSA Executive Director.

The yearly Walk is conducted to raise funds for the ongoing projects of ANCOP USA that help the poor in the Philippines. Those projects are: Child Sponsorship Program (sponsorship of children from poor families to elementary, high school or college for free); Community Development Program (building of communities that provides free housing to the poor), Health Program (conduct of medical and surgical missions in poor communities).

The CFC ANCOP regional coordinators from around the USA present during the said teleconference were: Rollie Balanza, Beth Macaraeg, Manny Caballero and Romy Dacayanan, Northeast A; Vic Sibal, Cres Reyes and Rey Regis, Northeast B; Sonny Perez, Julbert de la Cruz, Oscar Baliwag and Ray Gonzales, Southeast; Ex Funtera and Laurel Malibiran, North Central; Ben Daquioag, South Central; Joey Corook, Northwest;  Persie Esqueta, Gina Delfin, Loraine  and Ramon Ebriega, Southwest A; Eric Villanueva and Malu Samson, Southwest B.

Earlier in Manila, Joe S. Yamamoto, CFC ANCOP Chairman and Melo Villaroman, CFC Director, rallied CFC members around the world “to organize early.” The two said this year’s CFC ANCOP Global Walk aims for 150,000 walkers.

For particulars and to register for the Walk, please go to Registration
fee is $15.00 per participant.


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