By ANCOP USA Communications

ORLANDO, Florida – The USA Global Pinoy Singing Idol (GPSI), jointly sponsored by ABS-CBN DZMM and CFC ANCOP USA, was successfully held at the sprawling Calvary Assembly of God in this city on April 5, 2014.

Slide-1          Jolilorlyn Q. Wenghofer of Chicago, IL. and Alessandra Jay Morales of San Diego, CA. were adjudged GPSI USA Champions by the three-member board of judges composed of Fr. Ramon Bolatete, Marilen Laguitan and May Ceniza of ABS CBN.           Fourteen singers participated.

According to Roger Santos, Executive Director, ANCOP USA, the two winners were awarded $1,000 each and free round trip tickets and weeklong stay in Manila for the Global Finals of GPSI sometime in January 2015.

Ahwel Paz of DZMM Radyo Patrol 630, who was one of two emcees, entertained the audience endlessly throughout the afternoon program with his instant wit and humor.

Paz, the brain behind GPSI, is a former scholar turned sought-after stage and TV director, actor, host and events specialist. Melody Garcia-Muniz of Orlando was co-emcee.

In post contest interviews with some members of the audience, this Newsletter gathered a common observation saying all singers who competed were very good.

Slide-2The other 12 singers were: Aaron Caras (FL); Giselle Delos Reyes (MN); Vanessa Quillao (FL); Michael Toledo (FL); Ian Ramos (FL); Kyle Mercado (FL); Cheryl Badiola (FL); Jozen D De Leon (TX); Michael Rey Calalang (NJ); Martin Honor (MD); Maria Raina Rivere (MD) and Rodel Sajor (CA).

Slide-3a    Manila singer Pops Fernandez and actor Gabby Concepcion were guest performers during the competition. Both were virtually mobbed by fans who uncontrollably ran to the stage to be close to their favorite actors.

GPSI taps the musical talent of aspiring Filipino American singers living around the world. The proceeds in the US go to the ongoing CFC ANCOP USA projects for the poor, including the victims of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in Central Philippines.

According to Francis Sonny Perez of CFC ANCOP Florida, one of the event coordinators, some 1,200 people, mostly Filipino-Americans, witnessed the five-and-a-half-hour program which was covered live by DZMM Teleradyo in all its stations around the world.

Perez said people who came were not only from Florida, but also from Louisiana, Texas, California, Maryland and Illinois, among others.

Eric Villanueva, President of ANCOP USA & National Director, CFC USA, thanked all those who worked behind the scenes, especially members of Couples for Christ/ANCOP Florida which led to the successful conduct of GPSI in the Sunshine State.

Villanueva also enjoined everyone to watch for announcements of the 2015 GPSI soon.

All the board members of CFC and ANCOP USA together with their respective wives were on hand and provided support to the event’s huge success.



Charitable Giving Assistance Act,

PRESS RELEASE ON Charitable Giving Assistance Act,
25 March 2014


WASHINGTON, D.C.—United States President Obama today signed into law a legislative measure that would allow American taxpayers to claim deductions for donations they made to support relief and rehabilitation efforts in the Philippines in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

The enactment of the Philippine Charitable Giving Assistance Act, which would also allow US taxpayers to continue making tax-deductible donations to typhoon victims in the Philippines until 15 April, was immediately welcomed by the Philippine Embassy.

“The immediate signing by President Obama of the Philippine Charitable Giving Assistance Act underscores the importance the US Government places on the immediate recovery of typhoon-devastated areas in the Philippines,” Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. said.

The Ambassador thanked President Obama for his prompt action on the measure and lawmakers led by Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono and California Rep. Eric Swalwell and their cosponsors for introducing the measure and ensuring its passage in Congress.
“I wish to reiterate the profound gratitude of the Philippine Government and the Filipino people for the generous outpouring of support and solidarity by the US Government and the American people to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan,” Ambassador Cuisia said.

The Embassy said the new law was introduced in the House of Representatives by Congressman Swalwell and was co-sponsored by 35 congressmen—26 Democrats and nine Republicans. It was unanimously passed as House Resolution 3771 on Monday.
On the other hand, Senate Resolution 1821, sponsored by Senator Hirono, and supported by Majority Leader Harry Reid and Foreign Relations Committee Chair Robert Menendez, among others, was passed on 6 March.

The Embassy, quoting the Office of Senator Hirono, said the new law would allow taxpayers who donate to the relief efforts in the Philippines after the President’s signature on 25 March and before 15 April 2014 to take the charitable deduction when they file their 2013 tax returns.

Taxpayers who donate in this timeframe but have already filed their taxes can amend their tax returns to receive these benefits this year.
Without this law, taxpayers can claim a tax deduction for contributions they make to charities, but they receive the tax incentive many months later after they file their tax returns the following year. The law eliminates this delay. ###

ANCOP USA Scholars – from St. Martin Orphanage










3 college graduates from St Martin sponsored by Ancop USA. The one in green Rene Borigas was cited best IT student, Best Thesis and Best in Journalism. He was immediately hired as member of the college faculty of AMA University. God is really good! — with Rizal Ting, Vida Maria Cuares, Roger Santos, Romeo M. Medina, Cresencia Dela Cruz- Reyes, Ferdie Garcia and Jannie Bagapuro.


Feb.16,2014; Seville Banquets

It’s that wonderful time of year again when we all came together to celebrate, dress up,
and boogie down at the annual Valentine’s Dinner Dance of CFC ANCOP (Couples For
Christ’s Answering The Cry Of The Poor)!
This year has been aptly entitled , “LIVE, HEAL, LOVE” due to the many events that
have befell our brethren and our “kababayans” (countrymen) during the past year.
The wrath of typhoon “Yolanda” or better known as Haiyan worldwide was physically felt
by our countrymen back home but was, likewise, emotionally felt by the world as we all
sat helplessly watching the numerous images of desolation and ruin.
People from all over the world gave what they could and reached out as best they can.
This devastation has brought out Heroes and Leaders amongst us and that deep
realization that safeguarding the only life we have is as important as to LIVE fully the
days, months, or years we have left before we are called back to the Hands of Our
Maker! But not to merrily go along our own way but to help and reach out to the people
in need! To HEAL holistically_ the sick, the dying, the spiritually lost due to such a
devastation is brought about by an act of kindness and giving of our time, talent, and
treasures to those in need. And lastly, to LOVE unconditionally through it all
and to never cease helping and giving no matter what the cost.
As always, it was a wonderful and intimate event
graced by our family, friends, our Couples for
Christ (CFC) brothers and sisters and new faces
and new found friends___
all partners in nation-building!
All heroes to a very important cause
that hits close to home!
The meaningful invocation was given by Fr. Ramil
Fajardo , and memorable performances by
ARIA( Divine Aleonar,Nina Mea Vidal, Jerrick
Torreno), 2014 Regional Global Pinoy Singing Idol
winner Jing Wenghofer, Melina Medina, Michael
Calibugar, and a beautiful dance rendition of “Dahil Sa Iyo” (Because Of You) by Hula
and Beyond Dance Group made the night even more special!
May we all continue to LIVE, HEAL, and
LOVE as we grow in generosity and
selflessly give of ourselves and share the
blessings the Lord Almighty has given us!
To all of YOU, a heartfelt

ANCOP USA UPDATE Typhoon Yolanda CFC ANCOP Relief Operations

As of Nov. 18, 2013
(From Roger Santos, ANCOP USA Exec. Director)

1. TOTAL Donation from all sites and check donations – $ 90,000



Please visit : news.ancopusa.org

With outpouring of support for Typhoon Yolanda victims, ANCOP USA has developed a three- pronged approach namely relief, health missions and rebuilding – please read latest update below.


2) Today we have released an additional $4,000 (P168,000) to CFC Manila for tarps, tents and construction equipment for the Yolanda victims.

3) The City of Tamarac, Florida approved the release of 4 pallets of Military MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) for typhoon victims in the Philippines through ANCOP USA. Valued at $35,000. This joint venture headed by Glen Santayana- CFC Florida will bring upliftment to the needy in the torn stricken areas.

4) Relief operations are ongoing in Ormoc, Kananga, Palo and Tanauan, Leyte. Deployment of ANCOP Jerry can water purification, relief goods and water.system and food and clothing..

helathmission5) Medical Mission team have been mobilized led by Dr. Joe Yamamoto for Ormoc Leyte on November 23, 2013 and for Iloilo on Feb 7-9, 2014 with a contingent of FILAM medical professionals from ANCOP USA

rebuilding6) To help aleviate the homeless ANCOP USA started the REBUILDING phase in Leyte by funding $28,000 for the construction of 10 homes in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte see location map below.









More updates to come. God bless.

ANCOP USA Communications
Please pass this on to your friends


By ANCOP USA Communications

CFC ANCOP USA has two online donation sites for Typhoon Yolanda victims which are open 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

The two sites are: http://www.crowdrise.com/HaiyanTyphoonVictims
and www.donatedisasterrelief-ausa.org

As of November 11, CFC ANCOP USA has sent $3,000 (P126,000) to CFC in Manila for immediate needs of Typhoon Yolanda victims. Additional help is forthcoming next week in the form of medical/surgical mission.


According to Ricky Cuenca, CFC IC Chair, the direction of ANCOP assistance is to help in the rehabilitation pr

At the same time, CFC USA National Director and ANCOP President Eric Villanueva appealed to CFC members and leaders around the US for compassion to the victims and survivors of one of the worst catastrophes in the Philippines.ogram of the typhoon victims for long term effect.

“We appeal to the generosity of everyone so we can help ease the sufferings of our poor brother and sister Filipinos in the south,” said Roger Santos, ANCOP USA Executive Director, who is overseeing the fund raising efforts in the US.
Santos revealed a plan to build houses for some of the survivors in Leyte as soon as adequate land is found and made available to ANCOP.

Meanwhile, Santos also said that two generators were on the way to the Philippines from CFC Minnesota. One will be given to Bohol which is still suffering from the destructions brought by 7.2 magnitude earthquake last October 15, 2013.

The other generator will go to Leyte, which was heavily hit by Typhoon Yolanda.
At the same time, most of the ANCOP scholars living in coastal areas of typhoon devastated provinces of Leyte, Cebu and Palawan have been accounted for. This was learned from Efren Tompong, Education Program Coordinator of ANCOP in Manila.

It was also learned that ANCOP Jerry Cans (water containers that could filter dirty water into clean drinking water) had been sent to CFC groups in Leyte, Samar and Cebu. It maybe recalled that Jerry Cans were purchased from the proceeds of the Typhoon Pablo donations last year and were distributed to flood victims in Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City.


By ANCOP USA Communications
NUTLEY, NJ – Close to a hundred CFC ANCOP USA leaders from around the country met at a school gymnasium in this quiet city on November 2, 2013 in a day-long 2014 planning session and workshop.

The meeting was highlighted by a 90-minute talk by Ricky Cuenca, CFC International Council Chairman. Other speakers were Eric Villanueva, CFC USA National Director & ANCOP USA President and Roger Santos, CFC USA National Council member & ANCOP USA Executive Director.
The IC Chairman introduced the expanded organization set up of CFC’s work for the poor now called “Building the Church of the Poor” or BCOP aimed at engaging CFC members all the way down to the household level in CFC’s pro poor programs.
Aided by power point, IC Cuenca said BCOP has two components: ANCOP and Social Development Programs (SocDev).
The speaker clarified that ANCOP shall continue with its existing programs (education and community development). Social Development, on the other hand, shall include work on prisoners, migrants, good governance, cooperatives, men & women in uniform and environment.
The only changes under the new set up are delineation of functions and responsibilities, which shall be detailed in a subsequent memorandum to be sent to all CFC ANCOP USA members and leaders.
“BCOP is a rare opportunity, and at the same time, an act of self salvation,” said Cuenca. He added, “It is a great opportunity given to us by the Lord through CFC.”
The IC Chair reminded his audience to continue leading simple lives guided by Jesus Christ’s teaching on righteousness.

Cuenca cited the conditions obtaining in the native country, especially prevalence of poverty on the part of many and corruption in government.
He asked, “If we are on the side of the righteous, how can we commit wrongdoings?”
The good news about CFC shared by Cuenca are:
1. CLP’s will soon be held in military and civilian government offices in the Philippines, including the Philippine Military Academy.
2. CFC ANCOP has started sponsoring scholars in the poor areas of Nigeria, Kenya and India.
3. CFC has started to conduct CLP’s in Mongolia, Indonesia, India and China. CFC has full time missionaries in Mongolia and China. Volunteer CFC missionaries are wanted in these countries.
4. ANCOP has 6,000 scholars and 900 communities around the Philippines.
ANCOP USA President Villanueva talked about “Laying the Groundwork for Positive Influence and Change” and ended his exhortation by challenging the group to prepare the soil for ANCOP USA’s work, promote it, own it, and engage others.
The afternoon workshop, which was participated by delegates from the 12 ANCOP USA regions, was considered fruitful as each group made a presentation before the attendees.
Each group came up with ways to engage CFC members in the work for the poor programs of ANCOP.


By Divine Aleonar

divineWhat prompted me to audition for the Global Pinoy Singing Idol in Chicago back in August 2012 was because of my choir director and friend, Mr. Manuel Lucero, who is a CFC member. If not for him and if not for the purpose of CFC ANCOP to raise funds for its causes in the Philippines, I would not have done it. I’m wary about joining singing contests mainly because I felt like I might be too old for it and I haven’t really done competitions in almost 20 years!

My journey from auditioning in Chicago to Manila to represent USA for the grand finals was very unforgettable indeed. Winning the US title with Leslie Ann Picaso was unexpected. At 41, it felt like I didn’t stand a chance with the much younger finalists. Winning the US Global Pinoy Singing Idol in Virginia was unexpected but I took it as a blessing! Because of it, I got the honor to represent the US at the DZMM World Caravan Global Pinoy Singing Idol Grand Finals in Manila, Philippines. Prior to the grand finals, all 7 grand finalists, including me (2 from Virginia, 2 from San Francisco, 2 from Australia and 1 from South Korea) got the chance to guest and perform at ABS-CBN’s Umagang Kay Ganda, Showtime, DZMM Todo Todo Walang Preno and DZMM Tambayan 101.9 with DJ Charlie. We had the opportunity to have a tour of it’s studios, meet TV & radio personalities, have a recording with the supervision of Mr. Monet Silverio, and rehearse our production number in one of it’s dance studios where stars of ASAP rehearse. We really felt like stars ourselves!

On the day of the grand finals, I felt sadness, because I would not be seeing my co-finalists, their families and the staff of DZMM, headed by Mr. Ahwel Paz, whom I have bonded with during the entire time. More than anything else, I will never forget the memories forged with the new friendship that I made with all of them! It was also a blessing that I was able to go home to the Philippines with my family because of the competition. It was more than enough for me to have seen our families and friends even for a short period of time. The only thing I missed was to visit the CFC ANCOP communities due to time constraint.

When Mr. Roger Santos informed me that there is a planned concert of the current U.S.A. GPSI winners to raise funds for CFC Ancop’s causes, I was excited! I’ve always loved to help out and I felt honored to still be asked to be a part of it. What’s important for me is to continuously be of help. Helping the poor and in need is especially dear to me. I’ve volunteered as a youth and adult to feed the poor in my community in Cebu, Philippines. I have had first-hand experience how it felt when there’s almost nothing to eat and no money to spend. It is only befitting to be able to share whatever I have now to those who are suffering and in need. Thank you to CFC Ancop for opening the doors for artists like me to continue to be of help to children and families who are really in need in the Philippines. More power and God bless us all!

ANCOP USA (Southern California) Long Beach Marathon

PatBy Pat Villanueva October 13, 2013 LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA,

Appropriate running gear? check, resolved determination to help the poor? check, ready stamina to finish the race? check….ready, on your mark, get set, go!

ANCOP USA volunteers and marathon participants from the Southwest Region, hit the streets before sunrise on Sunday, October 13, for the Long Beach Marathon.

The Long Beach Marathon started in 1982 but this year was made extra special because of ANCOPUSA’s participation after a long hiatus.

In addition to the marathon, half-marathon, and 5K walk/run, a bicycle tour began by going south on Shoreline Drive and continued on to the final 20 miles of the marathon course. All of the proceeds will go to the beneficiaries sponsored by ANCOPUSA.

The_MedalFor some racers, the event was a family affair. Bong Cristobal came with his wife Nette and both of them participated the bike tour. Eric Picazo and his wife, Gretchen, along with their daughter Leslie Ann walked the 5k course. A few number of husbands and wives joined the half marathon. Father and daughter tandem as represented by Sonny and Sarah Berberabe were the top donation getter based on the online web donation page.

The event organizer for ANCOPUSA, Noli Calingo, participated in more than one event. After finishing the bike race, he mustered enough strength and participated in the 5K run.

eric_vEric Villanueva, ANCOPUSA President and National Director for Couples for Christ USA was one of the participants. He said that both him and his wife, Pat, were looking forward to this event. Their very recent mission trip to Barrow, Alaska helped them get acclimated to the cool climate that welcomed everyone that day.

Festive music and a lot of supporters from various organizations and community groups offered runners an encouraging push. Members of Couples for Christ from different chapters and different ministries manned water stations and distributed water to the runners. The runners, bikers, and walkers were rewarded by a sumptuous lunch lovingly prepared by the Handmaids of the Lord of Southern California together with CFC members and the rest of Southwest-B Region ANCOP volunteers.Noli_with_Greg

As of this writing the total donation collected through the website is close to breaking the 20K barrier. This is not counting thousands of donations that have gone by way of cash and checks.

Chito Noriega, one of CFC Chapter Leaders, and many others are already looking forward to next year’s marathon and are envisioning a bigger participation of Couples for Christ in the Long Beach Marathon to raise funds for a cause. All for the love of the poor, and for the greater glory of God!

DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS: An Effective Tool in New Evangilization

By Roger Santos

In the past 10 years, we have seen a big shift and great advances in communications. Today, we have a combination of smart phones, internet sites, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Face Time,

etc that bring us up to the minute news.


But do we One of the more interesting questions being asked by the Catholic Church and our leaders in Couples for Christ is, “What does the New Evangelization look like in this world of modern communications?”realize how these devices are changing HOW we communicate?

To answer the question, we can break down the answer into two areas in the context of CFC:

1. Sharing our activities/events throughout our global CFC Community; and
2. Building a culture of innovation with digital communications.
Sharing our activities/events throughout our global CFC Community

We in CFC make it a point to share what is happening in our “neck of the woods” so to speak in order to spread awareness about our CFC Community across the world. We do this by identifying three content areas that answer different audience needs: a) CFC On Fire, b) Spreading God’s Word, and c) Uplifting The Poor.

Since we are in a 24/7 nonstop news cycle, we cannot afford to allow critically precious hours or days to slip by without sharing our events/ actions. This also requires us to increase our efforts in social media, as increasingly people no longer look to traditional information gatekeepers as they did in the past, considering the access that everyone has via the worldwide web. CFC USA together with Europe, Middle East and Manila through the Ugnayan are forming an alliance to deploy monthly newsletters, and
up to the minute Facebook and Twitter integration that will allow us to share information
among ourselves and with the rest of the world.

Also, we are taking up the call of the New Evangelization with a renewed focus on resources that offer both solid teachings and tender encouragement that focus on marriage and family life.

Building a culture of innovation with digital Communications

Who knew that our CFC community will adapt to iPads and other gadgets, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social network platforms? Therefore, we cannot just be like sitting ducks, waiting for everyone to adapt to technology. Therefore, we need to think out of the box and embrace a CFC
Culture of innovation and experimentation in communications.

Matthew 28:19 says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” But how do we make disciples of all nations? The evangelization strategy used 33 years for Couples for Christ… Where is CFC? We are called to reflect in silence. We need to ponder on all the things that have transpired for the past 33 years in our beloved

Luke 2:19, 51 “And Mary kept all these things in her heart… pondered them in her heart.” It is the 3rd year of our journey with Mary and this time, she is leading us to contemplate where the heart of CFC is at this point.

In today’s world, we make use of digital technology to spread the word of God. Without walking from town to town, we can reach people from around the globe. One way of CFC showing our work of reaching the world is through the use of tools like Facebook and Twitter and via e-mailing newsletters, which has a reach of 1.2 million. For instance, the CFC USA e-newsletter has an RSS feed of the daily
Mass readings and Vatican media releases, and highlights the daily work ANCOP. Sharing these to our own networks allow our friends to share the materials in their own social networks, thus reaching more.

However, much still needs to be done. Our new CFC communication alliances have to increase content available to the community through the help of our members. The upbeat digital communication technology is spreading like wildfire across the globe and in our CFC community. This is our chance to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth, as stated in Mark 16:15-16, “Go into the entire world and
proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” And, just as the Church learned how to use
the book and film to proclaim the Good News to the ends of the earth, so today we must teach
ourselves to learn these new tools to help people find the faith in their ordinary days and in their
times of need.

To quote from our Holy Father on the World Day of Communication last January: “Word and silence: learning to communicate is learning to listen and contemplate as well as speak. This is especially important for those engaged in the task of evangelization: both silence and word are essential elements, integral to the Church’s work of communication for the sake of a renewed proclamation of Christ
in today’s world.”

Roger Santos is a current member of the CFC USA National Council, Executive Director of ANCOP Foundation USA Inc. and Country Coordinator of Greece